24 Hour Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Akron, Ohio
Serving Akron, Barberton and the Surrounding Area


Akron Veterinary Emergency Service has an experienced emergency doctor physically in-house on duty 24 hours a day. The emergency practice is designed to provide critical care for sick and injured pets when your regular veterinarian is not available. In-house laboratory equipment along with our relationship with several laboratories in the area allow us to perform a wide variety of diagnostic tests.

When bringing in your pet for emergency care, please give us a call at 330.665.4996 so that we may be fully prepared to take care of your pet upon arrival. If this is not an emergency and you would like to schedule an appointment,  CLICK HERE.

Our Mission

The mission of AVREC is to serve as an extension of your family veterinarian by providing advanced surgical, medical, emergency and critical care for patients entrusted to our hospital. We are committed to quality and compassionate veterinary care.


AVREC 24 Hour Veterinary Emergency —photo of cat and dog.


Our Location

1321 Centerview Circle Akron, Ohio 44321
Phone: 330-665-4996