“You take care of animals!”

As little hands shot into the air to answer the question, “Do you know what we do?” excitement could be heard in the voices of the 1st through 4th graders at Hudson Montessori School.

Surgeon, Dr. Jason Callard and Surgery supervisor, Melissa McNeal, RVT had the full attention of 12 curious minds.

“Do you know how dogs can break their bones?” asked Dr. Callard.

3rd grader John, was quick to answer, “They can slip on rocks.”

With a big smile, Melissa agreed, “They sure can! Good answer!”

A passion for animals and animal care led them to be members of the Animal Sciences After School Club at Hudson Montessori. And that’s what led to us being welcomed into the club.

Having a passion for animals ourselves at AVREC, Dr. Callard and Melissa spoke to the students about fractures, how to fix them and how dogs can recover from them with the help of rehabilitation.

While most 3rd graders don’t know the difference between a femur and a tibia, they didn’t have a problem “repairing” the fractures in the bone puzzles they were given.

They also didn’t have a problem doing the same exercises our dogs go through in the rehabilitation program at AVREC. 7 year olds have surprisingly strong balancing skills.

There was no shortage of questions from the young students, and there was no shortage of correct answers when asked a question by Dr. Callard or Melissa.

The two Golden Retrievers in the room, Ziva and Rosco -Dr. Callard’s own dogs- who love attention, were soaking up every head pet and back scratch they got from the kids; sometimes demanding even more pets with a soft paw when a hand left their head.

The dogs weren’t the only ones soaking everything up, the kids were doing just the same.

Speaking to elementary students isn’t something the doctors and staff at AVREC do on a daily basis, let alone, a weekly basis. These kids were a little different.

Our hope was to inspire one of these kids to be a future veterinarian or technician, to one day, “take care of animals” just like we do.

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