As a specialty referral hospital we continue to strive to provide for our clients and patients the best customer service and the highest quality of care. In an effort to further enhance our specialty services, we at AVREC are very pleased to announce the addition of rehabilitation to our services offered.

At AVREC, we pride ourselves on being regarded by many as Northeast Ohio’s finest veterinary specialty hospital. We see it as our duty to provide our clients and patients with quality and compassionate care. That includes providing the most up to date equipment and practices. The addition of Rehabilitation Services is just another piece to the puzzle in our effort to do just that.

“I am very excited about rehabilitation and the ability to increase the level of care we can offer our patients. We want to be able to offer many specialties to our clients and rehab is very vital in reaching the best outcomes for our patients.” – James C. Vogt, DVM, DACVS; Owner, Boarded Surgeon at Akron Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center.

Rehabilitation is a rapidly growing part of veterinary medicine and a proven form of recovery for dogs and cats. Rehab is commonly performed after surgery for patients recovering from fractures, tendon and ligament repairs such as TPLO, as well as neurologic cases such as IVDD. Depending on the condition of your pet, rehabilitation may be used to improve the range of motion of joints, strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and to reduce pain and swelling. Rehabilitation can also be a beneficial form of weight-loss in pets that are obese and also help with arthritis.

Rehabilitation works on a case by case basis, each dog or cat will have their own plan. Call it a “Workout plan” if you will. Our team of doctors and staff, along with you and your family veterinarian will work together to create a personalized rehab plan that best suits not only the pets’ needs, but the owner’s as well.

Our doctors will have state of the art equipment at their disposal when working with a patient. From an underwater treadmill, to electrical stimulation, laser, acupuncture, massage, peanuts and wobble boards- personalized workout plans will be developed to help your pet.

The motto our rehab staff has affectionately coined for themselves is, “Mending with motion” Rehab is a very personal, hands on form of veterinary medicine. Our staff will begin to know your pet like their own. They will learn to know what they like and don’t like, what they can and won’t do. They will learn to know your pets’ limits. All of this is in an effort to ‘mend’ your pet with ‘motion’.

Whether your dog or cat needs help walking again, or just needs help losing weight, our rehab staff is welcoming new patients. The entire rehab process is very personal and can be tailored to fit the needs of all involved – from the pet to the owner.

For more information, you can contact us directly at 330.665.4996 with any questions you may have.