Bowling is a game of Skuck. Skill + Luck.

At least, when it comes to Team AVREC.

This past Saturday, 5 of us at AVREC set out to take on “Target Bowling” for a fundraiser benefitting and hosted by, the Akron Zoo.

The 5 players bowl 3 games. You’re supposed to predict your scores of each game and your total. Shouldn’t be too hard if you know your average score. Of course, there were some rules thrown in to make it a little bit more difficult than that. For example, gutter balls thrown on your first roll in any of the last five frames, add 10 points. That could be an extra 250 points a game!

Alas, we set out to (try to) score a 2,127 after three games. We may or may not have missed that score by about 150 points.

In the end, our predicted score didn’t matter. We were having fun outside of work with each other, eating bowling alley food and supporting our friends at the Akron Zoo.

But, if we place in the top 3… Skuck had nothing to do with it. We knew what we were doing the whole time ; )


bowl3 bowl6

bowling1 bowling3