In the canine world, it’s the Oscar’s of dog shows; and it’s not everyday you know someone who has a dog competing in the famous, Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Sometimes, you do know someone.

That’s where ‘Luvakis Shirley’s Legen-waitforit-dary! Legendary!’ comes into play. Long name short, Bro is going to Westminster!

Bro’s mom (the 2 legged one) happens to be Cardiology Technician, Teresa West-Holmes. Teresa and her husband Paul, raise, train and breed Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Their repertoire of Ridgebacks is full of awards, titles, Grand Champions and now, another Westminster competitor.

This will be West-Holmes’ third time competing at Westminster. Her first time was in 2006 with her Champion Ridgeback, Ekundu (Bro’s Grandma). The second time was in 2014, when she handled a friend’s Ridgeback. West-Holme’s first two appearances didn’t yield any results. Maybe the third time is the charm? On Monday February 15th, the day after Valentine’s Day, Bro will be showing off for the judges for the 140th annual dog show.

Should Bro win, he will receive his AKC Champion status as he is just 1 point shy of the achievement. Quite the sweet victory that would turn out to be.

For all of us here at AVREC, Bro and Teresa have already won!



bro4       bro3bro1       bro2


*The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the second longest consecutive running sporting event in the United States, behind the Kentucky Derby.