DISCLAIMER: Some of the images in this post may be disturbing to some readers.


Jade doesn’t look like most dogs. That’s fine by her.

It’s not her fault, what happened to her. Maybe that’s why so many people are willing to help this sweet girl get a shot at living a normal life.

She didn’t always look like this. Before the incident on December 17th, she looked like any other Shepherd. Her owner at the time, alleges someone jumped his fence and sliced her nose with a knife. Untreated for nearly a month, the wounded area began to smell of rotting flesh. The exposed bone died. Parts of her nose fell off. The root of a canine was left exposed. She had just one nostril to breathe from.

That’s where Greg Miller comes in. “She had fear in her eyes the first time I met her. She cowered.” Says Miler.

Greg is a Humane Agent with the Trumbull Animal Cruelty Taskforce (TACT) Humane Society. He was notified of Jade’s injuries on January 5th. After meeting with the owner and Jade at a veterinary clinic in Warren, OH, Jade was turned over to Greg.

With Jade’s injuries requiring extensive care, they were referred to Akron Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center for surgery.

Being a fairly new organization, Greg says they have “little to no funding.” With the extent of her injuries, surgery could cost upwards of $5,000. A YouCaring fundraiser was started in order to raise money for the procedure. It didn’t take long for enough money to be raised to make surgery a possibility. AVREC owner and boarded surgeon, Dr. Rod Ferguson says, due to the number of surgeries Jade may require, AVREC is working to make sure medical treatment expenses do not exceed the amount of money raised.

On January 15th, Dr. Ferguson performed the surgery. The dead bone was removed. Another nostril was formed for her to breathe out of. Skin was pulled over the exposed areas for proper healing. The canine with the exposed root was also removed.

“She’s doing great. She can eat, breathe, and drink normally.” Said Dr. Ferguson.

Fast forward a few weeks, “She’s lively and so loving.” Says her foster mom, Jen Poulos. Jen and her Husband Paul, operate the Paw Platoon dog rescue out of Youngstown. Jade has been in their home since the day before her surgery.

“The tail is always going! She smiles!” Says Jen, “When she is really happy, she smiles!”

Jade’s recovery isn’t complete just yet. Another surgery will be needed to repair the nostrils, and further work on the exposed bone and jaw is necessary. Jade’s cruelty case is also still open. Once it’s closed, she will be in the hands of the Paw Platoon where she will be readied for adoption.

Right now, Jade doesn’t care about all that stuff. Greg and Jen believe she’s just happy she’s being given love and care.

Her foster mom says Jade acts like any other dog. She just looks a little different.

“She’s beautiful. It’s her soul that’s beautiful.”



Jade resized


*Stay tuned for further updates on Jade’s care and recovery.