In the veterinary field, there are many kinds of days…

There are bad days.

There are really bad days.

There are good days.

Then there are really good days.

The other day at AVREC, was a really good day.

When a mamma dog came to us having labor issues, our staff knew what they would be doing in a couple hours.

When Dr. Anson began the emergency C-section at 12:59pm, the technicians were standing by, waiting to be handed a puppy.

A few minutes later, the puppies started coming and the technicians jumped into action.

Wrapping them in towels and rubbing them, the techs stimulated their little lungs helping them to take their first breaths. They waited to put them into an incubator until they showed their first signs of life, a good cry.

The first few puppies were strong enough to be placed with their brothers and sisters in the incubator within a few minutes. Three of them needed a little more help.

Puppy-sized oxygen masks were placed by their noses in hopes their lungs would grow stronger by the second. It worked for all, but one.

One puppy out of those three was really struggling. “Fighting for his life” as one technician put it.

The struggling puppy was placed in the hands of surgery technician Allison at 1:13pm right after being delivered via C-section. For the next 56 minutes, she rubbed him, warmed him up, gave him kisses and words of motivation – never giving up until she got what she wanted – a good cry.

For nearly an hour, the little guy had a strong heartbeat but very inconsistent breathing. A breath once every 3-5 seconds. Too far apart to survive on his own.

For nearly an hour, Allison kept going, never giving up. She wanted to see him live. She wasn’t alone either, numerous technicians stepped in to offer their help and support. Everyone wanted this little puppy to make it, to live.

Finally, Allison and everyone in the treatment room got what they wanted. After a few minutes of showing stronger signs of life: holding his head up, moving his legs and ears, faster breaths… they got the cry they wanted. And it was a loud one. The puppy announced himself to the treatment room and everyone knew it. He, too, could finally be placed in the incubator.

High fives and puppy whimpers for everyone.

Shortly after her C-section, the mamma dog was introduced to her babies and it was an instant connection. Then, they went home.

Including, the little puppy that could.

WATCH: The Miracle of Life.