How sweet it is! A very nice couple dropped off some adorable Dachshund shaped cookies off for our staff! It was a two day long baking process for Susan and David Zondlo of Erie, PA and they say it was totally worth it. That’s because their Dachshund, Klein, is doing something they didn’t think would be possible just three months ago. She’s walking.

Susan Zondlo can recall the exact day her and her husband noticed something was wrong with Klein. “June 13th, she had sudden paralysis and acute pain.” The diagnosis? Klein had a herniated disc, complete paralysis in her hind legs and could not feel pain in her hind end. 13 years ago, the Zondlo’s went through a similar diagnosis with their Dachshund, Kahlua, and they knew where they wanted to go. “13 years ago, Dr. Vogt did surgery on Kahlua and he was fantastic.” The next day, June 14th, Klein had a Hemi-Laminectomy procedure performed by Dr. Jason Callard. Given only a 50% chance she would ever walk again, the Zondlo’s were cautiously optimistic. The next few weeks after surgery were tough, “A lot of care, 24/7. She had no function of her legs, no bladder control. She basically needed paraplegic care.” Says Susan, a retired nurse. But they remained committed. Just a couple weeks after surgery, she started to regain bladder control. A couple weeks after that, she started to gain her posture back. Three months after surgery, she’s walking and to her owners, close to her old self. Responding at the same time when asked if they ever thought looking back at her three months ago, if she would be walking, “It’s miraculous.”

Klein is the 6th Dachshund the Zondlo’s have owned. So for Susan, the surgery was a no-brainer. “She’s young, she’s only 5. We had to give her a chance and we’re glad we did. Hopefully she has a good, long life.” For the Zondlo’s, they’re grateful for the care and compassion they received while at AVREC, “Dr. Callard, the tech’s and staff, they’re all phenomenal. Dr. Callard must have called us 6 times the day of surgery and we really appreciated that living all the way in Erie.” In their last check up with Dr. Callard, the Zondlo’s got the ‘all clear’. Klein has passed this test in her life with flying colors, and the world is her playground again. Good girl, Klein!