You can hear him coming from a mile away (more on that later). Likely dressed in one of his Golden Retriever ties, Dr. Jason Callard is hard to miss. It’s also hard not to like him. As we celebrate everything dad this Father’s Day, let’s get to know new dad, Dr. Jason Callard!

Dr. Callard knew at a young age that he wanted to work with animals in some capacity. In High School, Dr. Callard had his future career narrowed down to three possibilities: MD, Veterinarian, or lawyer. After shadowing all three professions, he had his answer by the end of high school: Veterinarian. Dr. Callard says, “Growing up riding horses, I had a natural attraction to animals and ended up going that route.” Growing up riding and competing in equine events, naturally you would think Dr. Callard would be drawn to the field of Equine medicine. However, there’s a reason he chose small animal medicine. “I always wanted to be in small animal medicine because I wanted to keep riding horses fun, I wanted to keep them separate.” Says Dr. Callard.

                Dr. Callard attended Illinois Wesleyan University and received his Bachelor of Arts in 2005. From there, he went to Colorado State University for vet school and graduated in 2009, he was finally a DVM. “Originally I just wanted to be a regular vet, but by my second year of med school, I developed a strong interest in oral dentistry and surgery.” So more schooling was on the way. After Colorado, he was on his way to T HE Ohio State University for his one year rotating internship. “My mentors coaxed me into moving to small animal surgery over oral dentistry. Now I do all surgery, but I still have a special interest in oral surgery.” After his internship, Dr. Callard stayed with Ohio State for his three year residency. Dr. Callard finished school in July 2013 and joined Akron Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center in August 2013. “AVREC was close to family, good medicine, and a good reputation. Just had the right feel when I came here.”

                Going on almost 10 years in the veterinary field, Dr. Callard has no doubt in his mind that when he was a high schooler, he made the right choice to become a vet. “I like the thought process and analysis of figuring out what the problem is, addressing the problem, and then patient follow through. I like working with my hands, every case is different and every surgery is different. I appreciate the uniqueness of what I do. I enjoy working with animals, I picked the right path.”

Born and raised in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, IL, Dr. Callard grew up riding horses. “Riding horses was a huge part of my life. I did 3 day eventing. I did soccer, track and cross country in school too.” His love of horses hasn’t changed either, he hopes to own a couple horses in the near future. Maybe even a pony? No, not for him. For his daughter. Dr. Callard is a new dad. How new? Baby Nora is exactly one month old as of Father’s Day. “She’s doing well, she’s brought so much joy to our lives. We’ve already taken her hiking and we are going camping with her in July. I like how she seems to like the outdoors already… and the dogs love her.” Yes, dogs and the great outdoors. Two of Dr. Callard’s many loves. While he may be wrapped around little Nora’s finger already, the other leading lady in his life is his lovely wife, Kristen. The two met while in undergrad together back in fall 2004 and have been together since spring 2005. The two enjoy spending their spare time together in the outdoors; hiking, camping, skiing – Dr. Callard even proposed on the mountain peaks in Colorado.

While baby Nora will be with them from here on out on their adventures, first, it was Ziva and Rosco; their Golden Retrievers. If you have ever met Dr. Callard, you know right away his love of the breed. He’s usually covered in their long blonde hair because he can’t say no to a single one. “I’ve always had Goldens, grew up with them. They’re just terrific family and outdoor dogs. They’re the best dogs ever, we do everything with them.”

Around the hospital, Dr. Callard is known for his high energy and is always on the go. Believe it or not, he does sit down to watch TV every once in a while. He and his wife watch three shows together, NCIS, NCIS LA and Criminal Minds. You can add Ohio State football games to that list, too. High energy isn’t all he’s known for around these parts… remember when we said, ‘You can hear him coming from a mile away’? Turns out, Dr. Callard has always been a loud talker, so you’re not just hearing things. “With horseback riding and coaching, my students could always hear me over the other coaches and noise and they did better when they could hear me. I’ve always talked loud. You have to be confident when you speak.” We’re not sure what we would do if Dr. Callard started talking quieter, maybe it has grown on us. We wouldn’t take him any other way and we love having him here, taking care of and helping our many patients and their owners.

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