We have a lot of doctors here at Akron Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center. So we thought it would be fun to introduce you to the people in the white coats who care for your animals on a daily basis.

His sense of humor can brighten anyone’s day. Behind the beard and laughs (and sarcasm), is a doctor who truly understands the people – pet relationship, and just wants to help. His name is Dr. Stanton Boyce, so let’s get to know him!

Even at a young age, Dr. Boyce knew exactly what he wanted to do when he grew up. After helping his grandfather nurse sick animals back to health on the family farm, being a veterinarian seemed like the natural choice and his journey to be a doctor, started. Dr. Boyce received his Bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University in 1995. In 2002, he earned his Doctorate from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. He wasn’t done just yet. Boyce interned at a private practice in Washington, D.C from 2002 to 2003. Finally, he did his residency at Michigan State University from 2003 to 2006. 2006 also happens to be when Dr. Boyce joined the AVREC team of doctors. Since coming to Akron Veterinary Referral, Dr. Boyce has worked in the Internal Medicine department. While in school, doctors can choose the specialty they would like to practice after clinicals and other phases of schooling. For Stanton, being an internist came as naturally as wanting to be a veterinarian. Even during his rotations in other specialties, like Dermatology or Cardiology, Dr. Boyce was always drawn to the internal aspects of whatever ailment he was studying, and how he could fix it. He’s a problem solver. He’s an animal lover. He’s a people person and he’s a doctor we know and love here at AVREC.

Dr. Boyce calls Granger Township home these days, but the farm where it all started for him as a young boy, was in Richland County. He’s a proud graduate of the small Crestview High School. How small? His graduating class had less than 90 kids and his school was surrounded by corn fields and an Amish farm. Somewhere after that small high school and in the middle of college courses, hours worked, studying, internships and residencies, Dr. Boyce found the love of his life, Abby. The two met in vet school at Ohio State and it was between his internship and residency that he married his sweetie in July 2003. From his grandfather to his wife, you could say having a passion for animals runs in the family. Outside of work? It’s, “Dad” not “Dr. Boyce” His two “wonderful” boys, Gabe, age 8 and Nate, age 6 make sure to keep him busy! When he isn’t diagnosing or solving problems, it’s “Spending as much time with family as possible.” that fills his time. “Anything outside. Hiking, canoeing, camping, and boating.” Dr. Boyce will squeeze in a book or two when can, adding that reading is a guilty pleasure of his. But, so is “singing in the car to the radio.” No comment on if the singing is good or bad. He’s not much of a tv watcher, but if he gets the chance, he’s probably watching Survivor. He doesn’t have a farm per say, but he does have enough animals to keep him busy. 2 dogs, (Hugo & Peter) 2 cats, (Zephyr & Daphney) and 2 goats (Max & Loki). Dr. Boyce is never one to turn down an opportunity to tell a joke. He’s also probably not going to turn down a chance to tell you about his distaste for That Team Up North. Yes, he went to Michigan State for his residency, but he went to THE Ohio State University first – and both of his alma maters dislike the University of Michigan the same. Much like many of the doctors and staff at AVREC, Dr. Boyce, is a Buckeye.

For Dr. Boyce, he does what he does for the pets – but also, the people. Being an animal lover, he understands the relationship between an owner and their pet. To him, helping a dog or cat, in turn, helps the owner. Practicing Internal Medicine, Dr. Boyce, unfortunately, can deliver a lot of bad news to owners. From a cancer diagnosis to kidney failure or gastrointestinal problems, Dr. Boyce just wants to help people know and understand what is ailing their furry loved one. Then, he wants to fix that problem. That’s why we’re proud to say, he’s on our team.